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Language Buddy, My Inter-Cultural Ladybro

Coming from 9 different developing countries, 21 international students has been arrived in Beijing, China, started their studying and life in the School of International Education (SIE), CWU. Most of them have no Chinese language skill and experience in and about China. In order to help them to settle down easily, via the Students’ International Communication Association (大学生国际交流协会), SIE has arranged a special program called “Language Buddy”, matching a particular “Ladybro” for each forthcoming international student. After serious selection and interviews, 30 out of about a hundred students coming from 8 different majors and departments of CWU have been recruited into the program.


In the evening of 21th of September, 13 international students would arrive in. All the language buddies got together waiting for their coming. Dr. Zhang Yuan, the coordinator, provided a general introduction and guidance of the Language Buddy Program and the work of the day, appreciated the Buddies and encourage them to have a good start. The group leader, Qian Xiao Cun, arranged the jobs with outstanding organization ability.


About 9 o’clock, when the shuttle bus from Beijing airport arrived in the campus. Immediately, the Language Buddies provided a warm welcome to the international new comers.


By the help of the Language Buddies, at this evening, totally 13 international students from 6 different African countries successfully settled in the international student dormitory. The Language Buddies works very hard: helping to carry the big heavy luggage to the rooms, to guide the international students to pick up their campus cards and keys, and to show them how to use the internet to contact their families. The international students appreciated their work and kindness greatly.


Since then, the Language Buddies has been very kind and helpful for the international students to settle down in an absolutely new country, new culture and new university. The inter-cultural friendship has been seeded and grown up between both two sides of the partners

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