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Opening Ceremony of Master of Social Work in“Women’s Leadership and Social Development”Held in CWU

In the morning of September 26th, 2016, the opening ceremony of Mofcom Foreign Aid Degree Program of International Program of Master of Social Work in ‘Women’s Leadership and Social Development’, which was hosted by Ministry of Commerce and undertaken by China Women’s University (CWU), was held in CWU. The 21 students of the program from 9 developing countries would study in CWU for 2 years’ period. Mu Hong, director of Department of International Liaison of All-China Women’s Federation, Wang Yajie, head of Academy for International Business Ofiicials of Ministry of Commerce, and Liu Liqun, president of CWU attended the ceremony and gave opening addresses. Moreover, Wang Lian, vice president of CWU was the hostess.

Mu Hong gave a warm congratulation on the opening of the master program on behalf of All-China Women’s Federation in her address. From the perspective of national strategy, she talked about the significance of the opening of the master program. She then introduced the training plan, teaching content and methods of the program. Mu Hong hopes that through learning, the students can enhance their ability to use related theories and methods, better understand the practice and experience of China in terms of promoting women’s development, and help women play a leading role in social development to make contributions to gender equality and women development. Wang Yajie extended her appreciation for the All-China Women’s Federation, Academic Degree Commission of the State Council, the Ministry of Education of PRC, and CWU. She introduced the historical background and basic situations of China’s foreign aid programs, emphasized and explained why the Chinese government launched the foreign aid human resources open program. She hoped that the students can borrow experience and lessons from the development process, and make full use of the opportunity of learning in China to better understand China’s national conditions and experience the life of Chinese people.


On behalf of all the students and faculties, Liu Liqun, headmaster of CWU, extended her warm welcome to 21 students from 9 countries, and sincere thanks to Department of Foreign Assistance of Ministry of Commerce of PRC, Academy for International Business Officials (AIBO) and International Liaison Department. Later on, she introduced CWU’s history, mission, school-running orientation, majors and achievements in training talents, which are well received in the society. In particular, CWU made great contributions to gender equality and the development of women and children. From the perspective of co-organizer, she stressed that CWU attaches great importance to the program and have made full preparation for the program. She hoped that students can learn hard with passion and become the bridge for the sound relations between China and developing countries and become the treasure and think tank of CWU.

In 2016, CWU recruited women officials from developing countries to study in the International Program of Master of Social Work in ‘Women’s Leadership and Social Development’ for the first time. It is the only program with the aim of “promoting gender equality and empowering women” sponsored by the department of foreign assistance of ministry of commerce of PRC, which will boost the university’s substantiated role in serving foreign policy, promoting women development and gender equality. The students were selected from the governments and academic institutions in developing countries such as African countries, and Latin American countries by the Ministry of Commerce, China’s embassies and consulates abroad, and CMU. At last, 21 students from governments and academic institutions of 9 countries were enrolled, namely Algeria, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Cameroon, Malawi, Mauritius, South Sudan, Jamaica, and Chad.
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